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Streamlined Union Pacific passenger depot in Las Vegas, NV

Streamlined Union Pacific passenger depot in Las Vegas, NV

Historic Highway 99 Books

             Highway 99 books are back!
  • That Ribbon of Highway I,
    Highway 99 From the Oregon Border to Sacramento GO
  • That Ribbon of Highway II,
    Highway 99 from Sacramento to the Mexican Border GO
  • That Ribbon of Highway III,
    Highway 99 through the Pacific Northwest GO

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Far Northern California Titles (Mt. Shasta, Klamath River, Siskiyou County)

Just a Little
Now and Then

Dear Mad'm

Mt. Shasta

In the Land of
Grasshopper Song

Karuk: The
Upriver People

Tribe that
Wouldn't Die

Songs of the Siskiyous
Cowboy Poetry

Shasta Indians
& Their Neighbors

Klamath River
Access Guide


Coloring Tour
Siskiyou County

CA Birding, Southwest US and Southeast US

Fwy Birding,
Sac to Seattle
Returning Soon!

Indian Service

Southern Swamp


An eclectic collection
of articles and photos.

Taking the Waters, Historic NorCal Mineral Springs New!
The Weed, CA Totem Pole Newish
Modoc War Photographer Louis Heller Newish
Kaiser the Concrete King in CA
Fresno Scrapers, Treasure NOT Trash!
Giant Orange Restaurants
Fresno's Rainbow Ballroom
State of Jefferson Byway
5 Faves/So. Oregon
Postcard History
Jeff Davis Hwy 2017 Update!
Shasta Lake/Hidden Treasures
Unappealing Foods
Teepee Burners
CA Hwy Accoutrements
Peace Arch Park
Tiki Time
Woody & Dorothea
Reader's Hwy 99 Memories
Reader's 99 Memories2
Reader's 99 Memories3
Neon Selections
Ghost Signs/Walldogs
Sam Hill?!
Phillip Marlow/Hwy 99
Richfield Beacon
Water Towers
Winold Reiss
California Olives

                DON'T MISS! A Gallery of Unappealing Foods (one of many fun and interesting Hot Topics)

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