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US Highway 99
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That Ribbon of Highway I, II & III

A series of books about old US99 through CA, OR and WA

"The Companion Volumes that Stand Alone"

That Ribbon of Highway I,
Highway 99 from the Oregon
Border to Sacramento

Ribbon I takes the traveler, both the "armchair" and actual behind-the-wheel type, along historic US Highway 99 from the rugged mountains that separate Oregon and California, through the Sacramento Valley, and all the way to the steps of the state capital in Sacramento. The evolution of California highways and roadsides is examined in detail - auto courts, beautiful bridges, roadside attractions. Road guide and maps will lead you to exciting remnants of recent history. Table of Contents


That Ribbon of Highway II,
Highway 99 from Sacramento
to the Mexican Border

The journey through the heart of California continues with Ribbon II in a fully revised and greatly expanded Second Edition. Motor through the fertile San Joaquin Valley, up over the Tehachapis along the Ridge Route, through sprawling greater Los Angeles, through citrus country, and across the desert to the Mexican border. Visit Roadside Attractions, enjoy an expansive crazy-quilt of crops, gaze up at water towers, explore historic highway remnants and competing neon arrows after dark. 30 all-new maps, a detailed road log and plenty of new material so even owners of the earlier edition will want this one. Table of Contents

That Ribbon of Highway III,
Highway 99 through the
Pacific Northwest

The northern part of historic US99 is the focus of Ribbon III, through green and cool Oregon and Washington. An even bigger and better book! Cross Siskiyou Summit, the highest point on the highway, traverse the verdant Rogue and Williamette Valleys, cross the mighty Columbia, skirt foggy Puget Sound and end up under the Peace Arch at the Canadian border. Visit little towns and big cities, see neon signs, classic motels and vintage concrete. Table of Contents

Let's get one thing out of the way immediately--here is truth: If you are at least 45 years old and have spent most or all of your life in the Pacific Northwest, you will want this book...Dan Hays, Salem Statesman-Journal



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