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       Taking the Waters Sept. 2021
       The Weed, CA Totem Pole August 2020
       Modoc War Photographer Louis Heller August 2019
       Kaiser the Concrete King in California June 2017
       Fresno Scrapers, Treasure NOT Trash June 2017
       Keep Your Eyes Peeled for a Giant Orange Feb 2014
       Fresno's Rainbow Ballroom Jan 2013
       State of Jefferson Byway Celebrates a Mythical State (of Mind?) Sept 2011
       Five (Roadside) Faves in Southern Oregon Feb 2011
       Shasta Lake's Hidden Treasures Feb 2010, Jan 2011
       Highpoint of Highway 99, Siskiyou Summit Feb 2009
       Rusty Relics, Teepee Burners in the Northwest July 2006
      A Gallery of Unappealing Foods Sept 2005
      California Olives, in the Ground and On the Table February 2005
       Postcards, A Window to the Past June 2004
       WALLDOG Oral History Nov 2003
      And Still MORE Highway 99 Memories Aug 2003
      The Jefferson Davis Highway Out West April 2003
       Baffling Castle Crag Petroglyphs Jan 2003
      California Highway Accouterments Sept 2002
       Hot Topic UPDATES--More Highway 99 Memories July&Sept 2002
      Peace Arch Park May 2002
      Tiki Time Sept 2001
      Ghost Signs April 2001
      Woody and Dorthea: Words and Images from the Great Depression Jan 2001
       Readers Recount Their Hwy 99 Memories Sept 2000
       Bridges! May 2000
      Neon Selections Dec 1999/Jan 2002
      What in the Sam Hill?! Aug 1999
      Phillip Marlow's View of HWY 99 May 1999
      The Richfield Beacon Stations Feb 1999
       Winold Reiss Nov 1998
       Water Towers Sept 1998

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