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Mt. Shasta Sketchbook

A sketchbook guide to the beautiful domain of Mt. Shasta

by John Jenott

  • With sketchbook in hand, John Jenott takes you on a tour of Mt. Shasta's dominion. From the Castle Crags to the communities that lie at the base of the beautiful mountain, to the Medicine Lake Highlands, Tulelake, Butte Valley, and Shasta Valley. It makes for a highly enjoyable trip.
  • Table of Contents
  • 224 pages, chock-full of detailed drawings and accompanied by historic facts and tidbits that will wet your appetite for a slow drive around this picturesque part of far Northern California. This is the followup to John's Scott Valley Sketchbook and prelude to the forthcoming Siskiyou Sketchbook. We just can't get enough!
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Sample Sketches

"Standing out in a field, the old wig-wam burner looks pretty lonely. It's a reminder of the not-too-distant past when logging and lumber mills was a busy industry here."
"California Theater-Dunsmuir Ave. Famous for its ornate art deco sign. It was built in 1925/26, with the Masinic Temple upstairs. The movies are still rolling."