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West Coast specialities

Photo from book by David Bogener

How birds live, and live with us is the realm of exploration in this collection of 80 engaging essays on the ways and wiles of birds, and on their fortunes in today's world. Accompanied by beautiful photographs, the essays consider birds in terms of natural history and conservation patterns that repeat around the world. The essays are arranged seasonally for the birds' time in Northern California. The birds investigated include both widespread species and oak woodland specialists. The stories are informed by the author's roots in youth outdoor education, the National Park Service, the Audubon Society, and by current events, personal observations, and a wide network of professional resources.

from Blue Oak Country
Dan Greaney

  • 80 engaging essays, arranged by season.
  • One of Dan's Stories.
  • Dozens of beautiful full color bird photographs.
  • Delightful reading, even for non-birders.
  • Includes a comprehensive list of resources.
  • Originally published in the Redding Record-Searchlight.
  • 200 pages. $19.95
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Freeway Birding author Harry G. Fuller is an unrelentingly devoted birder, and for over two decades he has shared his passion by leading field trips in California, Oregon and Washington.

In this book, Harry reaches out to the frustrated freeway-traveling birder with a little time to spare on the way from here to there, from a few extra minutes to a few extra hours. Learn how and where to find the birds within a few miles of the freeway corridor, so that one or more short stints of birding can be easily worked into your otherwise uninspiring interstate travels.

Freeway Birding,
San Francisco to Seattle
Harry G. Fuller

  • Driving directions and 104 maps.
  • Descriptions of facilities and habitats.
  • Lists of species and their seasonality.
  • Includes informative essays.
  • 352 pages. Index. $16.00 (list $21.95)
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