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             Mojave, CA.

Neon Signs - Soooooo Seductive!

This-a-way that-a-way arrows vie for attention.

Blinking, pulsating lights, keep heads snapping left and right.

Where shall we stay tonight!?

Reno, NV. Reno, NV. Pomona, CA. Phoenix, OR.


Cliff's Auto Electric sign

More Signage 7Up sign

Gordon's Rexall Drug sign

Sadly, classic neon signs are disappearing at an alarming rate.
Here are a few we've
found in our travels.
Click on photo to see a larger image.
The Retro Motels
of Hwy 99


Shirleen trailer park sign Shamrock Dinners sign
motel sign Capital Hill Motel sign Daffodil Motel sign
Branding Iron restaurant sign shoe repair sign
Valley Motel sign drug store sign TV Motel sign