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That Ribbon of Highway I: Highway 99 From the Oregon Border to Sacramento ($16.00)
That Ribbon of Highway II: Highway 99 From Sacramento to the Mexican Border ($15.00)
That Ribbon of Highway III: Highway 99 through the Pacific Northwest ($13.00)
Nature / Recreation / Drawing Nature
Freeway Birding,San Francisco to Seattle ($15.50)
Klamath River Bird Finder ($16.00)
Birder's Guide/Driving Routes in Siskiyou County (map) ($8.95)
Northwestern California Birds ($20.00)
The Redrock Canyon Explorer ($17.00 spiral)
The Redrock Canyon Explorer ($10.00 perfect bound)
The Southern Swamp Explorer ($17.00)
Klamath River Access Guide ($11.00)
Illustrating Nature, Right-brain Art in a Left-brain World ($20.00)
Set of all five Campsite Critters ($5.00)
Package of 50 Campsite Critters BEARS ($25.00)
Package of 50 Campsite Critters WOLVES ($25.00)
Package of 50 Campsite Critters CHIPMUNKS ($25.00)
Package of 50 Campsite Critters MOUNTAIN LIONS ($25.00)
Package of 50 Campsite Critters MOSQUITOS ($25.00)
Southwest & Southeast
Recollections from My Time in the Indian Service / Maria Martinez Makes Pottery ($13.00)
Indian Designs ($10.00)
The Redrock Canyon Explorer ($17.00 spiral)
The Redrock Canyon Explorer ($10.00 paperback)
The Southern Swamp Explorer ($17.00)
Mt. Shasta / Siskiyou Region
Just a Little Lynching Now and Then (17.00)
Klamath River Access Guide ($11.00)
Headstrong Hallie ($16.00)
Coloring Tour of Siskiyou County (6.00)
Klamath River Access Guide ($10.00)
In the Land of the Grasshopper Song ($18.50)
Shasta Indians of California ($9.50)
Karuk the Upriver People ($11.00)
Modoc the Tribe That Wouldn't Die ($18.00)
Dear Mad'm ($16.50)
Dear Mad'm, Who Was She? ($11.00)
Mt. Shasta, California's Mystic Mountain ($13.00)
Mt. Shasta Sketchbook ($20.00)
Klamath River Bird Finder ($16.00)
For Kids of All Ages
The Beaver Year ($5.00)
Wild Babies, A Nature Sketchbook ($5.00)
Beaver/Wild Bundle ($7.50)
Headstrong Hallie ($16.00)