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Klamath River Classics

In the Land of the Grasshopper Song

Dear Mad'm

two perennial favorites about far northern California

Mary Arnold
Mabel Reed

In the Land of the Grasshopper Song is a classic tale of two women school teachers in the early days of the rough and remote Klamath River country of northwestern California. Hired by the Indian Service to teach for the Karuk tribe in 1908, on arrival they found themselves to be the only white women in sixty miles. Their warm and straightforward tale of the challenging life amongst self-sufficient, isolated people has been an enduring favorite since it's first publication in 1957.


Stella Patterson

Everyone loves the story of Dear Mad'm, an 80 year old woman who decides she will leave city life behind to live by herself in a cabin on a remote mining claim along the Klamath River. She writes of her adventures and misadventures humerously and unassumingly. Readers of all ages will find her story entertaining, engaging and enlightening. It takes place in the late 1940s but the tale is timeless.