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Past Postcards of the Month

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Welcome committee in Yellowstone. From the Capital in Sacramento. Piru Gorge on the Ridge Route. US80 Crossing the American Sahara. Los Angeles in less hectic times. Astonishing colors in the petrified forest. Arroyo Seco Parkway, LA's first freeway. Arroyo Seco Parkway, LA's first freeway. Easterners were enthralled with the juxtoposition of oranges and snow. Forest fires, what happens in a hot dry summer. Mt. Shasta Brand California Pears. Hiway 99 Brand Pears. Seattle World's Fair 1962. Hoover Dam 1947. burros in Death Valley. A family of horned toads. Tiajuana, Mexico, Dec. 1957. teepee burner, Alturas, CA Badwater, Death Valley, CA Gran Canaria Singapore Netherlands cheeseman furry Eskimo cuties Nebraska bounty Old US40 near Donner Pass Blackbird Shopping Center, Medford, OR Olympic Motel, Eureka, CA Silver Streak travel trailer family Yellowstone wildfire Yellowstone wildfire Hollywood Farmer's Market Hollywood Farmer's Market

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