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NorCal Native Americans

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Elizabeth Renfro

The Shasta Indians of California and their Neighbors introduces us to the four Shastan tribes. Sensitively written, it tells the history of contact with white civilization and much of what has been written about the original culture. Among other things, Shastan origins, community life, subsistence activities, crafts, shamanism, mythology, ceremonies, family and community customs and laws are explained.

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  • Illustrated with photos, drawings and maps.
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Maureen Bell

Karuk the Upriver People, is a detailed but not too scholorly book. The reader will find a description of the geography of the Karuk territory, hunting, gathering and food preparation practices, dwelling construction, clothing, tools and weapons, trade with other tribes, basketry, rituals, ceremonies and dances.

Cheewa James

In Modoc, the Tribe That Wouldn't Die Modoc descendant Cheewa James has written a richly documented non fiction narrative of the Modoc tribe, from ancestral times to the present. The Modoc War, a conflict that pitted 55 Modoc warriors against 1000 soldiers fought in the jagged terrain of Lava Beds National Monument, is covered in detail. The author is a master storyteller and professional keynote speaker.