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Water tower in Galt, CA along Hwy 99.


Water Towers Along Highway 99

      Without water there would be no agriculture and no agricultural communities in California's Central Valley. The Wright Act of 1887 established the legality of forming irrigation districts. This in turn led to the complex system of dams and canals that turned this valley into one of the world's most important ag centers. Being on the flats, the Valley towns of necessity store their water supply in high towers that help define the towns' character. Those in Galt and Manteca are utilitarian, Lodi's is in a Greek style, Kingsburg's is in the form of a huge decoratively painted tea pot that capitalizes on its Swedish Village theme.The old Fresno water tower (no longer in use) is a beautiful brick structure dating from 1894 that is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Water tower in Manteca, CA along Hwy 99. Water tower in Lodi, CA along Hwy 99. Water tower in Kingsberg, CA along Hwy 99. Water tower in Fresno, CA along Hwy 99.