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Three brutal killings: four officers and two civilians dead. "They like to lynch 'em in Siskiyou County," many believed.Would the accused even make it to trial? Was this reputation deserved? Was such vengeance ever justified? A rural isolated Northern California county wrestled with these questions during the dark days of the Great Depression.

Just a Little Lynching Now and Then,
True Crime Tales from 1930s Northern California

by Alan J. McMurry

A new, updated revised edition! NOW with historic photos and descriptive maps of the crime scenes. Long awaited revival of a book out of print since 1990.

Table of Contents

1. The Prelude:Strung Up by a Mob, 1895
2. George Hall's Ill-conceived Plans, 1933
3. Hobos Stage a Holdup, 1935
4. Brite Brothers Put Horse Creek on the Map, 1936
5. The Brite Brothers: Manhunt!
6. The Brite Brothers: The Trial
7. It's Not Over Yet: The Aftermath
8. Fifty Years Later
9. Searching for Gold in the North State: The Siskiyou County Origin Story