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NEWS RELEASE Spring, 2010

Easing Down the Two-Lane Road of History

Klamath River, CA—If you’ve ever wondered how modern super highways evolved from wagon roads, the Ribbon of Highway books will clue you in. If you’ve ever been curious about the original course of our own Highway 99, the books will take you there, be it from behind the windshield of your car or from the comfort of your favorite chair.

Richly illustrated regional histories and a guidebooks rolled into one, publisher Living Gold Press has recently released That Ribbon of Highway II: Highway 99 from Sacramento to the Mexican Border in a new fully revised and expanded edition. The three Ribbon of Highway books have been proven indespensible by historic highway ramblers since the mid-1990s. The series covers the entire north-to-south one-time US Highway that went from Calexico, California on the border of Mexico, to Blaine, Washington on the Canadian border.

Some sections of the old highway retain the “99” number. But in many places finding the oldest highway route takes some sleuthing. Authors Livingston and Maloof have done much of the detective work for you, as shown by their detailed maps and road logs.

Be it eying a stylish bridge, a classic neon sign, or a stretch of 1915 concrete pavement, or sliding into a 1950s coffee shop booth for a piece of pie a la mode, the panorama of sights and senses celebrated in these books recall the less-harried mode of travel of the mid 20th century. To the growing ranks of amateur highway historians, Old 99, The Main Street of California, is a pleasingly tarnished treasure.

The books can be ordered from, your local bookstore or the Living Gold Press website, The publisher’s website also contains a selection of historic highway related articles.

That Ribbon of Highway II:
Highway 99 from Sacramento to the Mexican Border

by Jill Livingston, photos by Kathryn Golden Maloof
$17.99 paperback, 277 pp
ISBN 978-0-9768321-2-6 · Publication date: March, 2010
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