Tables of Contents, Ribbon of Highway I, II, and III

That Ribbon of Highway I

Highway 99 From the Oregon Border to Sacramento
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That Ribbon of Highway II

Highway 99 From Sacramento to the Mexican Border
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That Ribbon of Highway III

Highway 99 Through the Pacific Northwest
Part 1
   1. Motoring, A California Pastime
"All White Help"
A.L. Westgard, Pathfinder
   2. Highway Evolution
A Hardy Breed of Men
   3. Big Dreams, Little Money
A California Highways Timeline
   4. Dawn of the Highway Era
Named Highways
   5. More Money, Quick
Where's the Concrete?
   6. Auto Camps, Auto Courts and Motels
Auto Court Survivors
   7. The Birth of "99"
WPA Guides
Gas Station Gallery
   8. Bridge Talk
   9. A Tale of Two Bridges
   10. Hwy 99 at the Top of California
Two North State Jeffersons
   11. The Sacramento River Canyon
   12. Shasta Dam and Beyond
   13. Through the Valley and Over the River
   13. Postwar Demotion and Reinvention
Part 2
A Tour Down the North State
Part 3
Appendix: Following the 99 Trail
Bibliography, Index
Part 1
The Thrill of Discovery
   1. CA Highway History in a Nutshell
99 Offspring
Kaiser the Concrete King
One for the Road Gallery
   2. Getting a Handle on the Central Valley
The Wandering Wage Earner
Two Flavors of Alphabet Soup
   3. Traveling Down the Great Valley
When Accidents Are Odd...
Where Will We Sleep Tonight?
Water Tower Gallery
   4. 250 Mule Teams Unite California
Fresno Scraper
Arrows and Stars Gallery
   5. The City and the Citrus Belt
Luxury Filling Stations
Busy Mr. Beale
   6. Dates, Sand and Salty Water
The Trail of the Migrant Worker
Roadside Attractions
Old and Simple Gallery
Part 2
A Tour Through Central and Southern CA
Gone but not Forgotten Gallery
Part 3 Appendix: Following the 99 Trail
Bibliography, Index
Part 1
   1. Out of the Mud and Onto the Pavement
   2. Good Roads and Named Highways
Big Guys
   3. The Highway: Designing It, Defining It
Roadside Fun
   4. Many Rivers to Cross
   5. World Wars, A Depression and the Highway
Roadside Attractions
   6. The Highway: Finding It, Signing It
   7. North Over the Siskiyous
Tikis and Totems
   8. And Through the Northwest
Part 2
A Tour Through the Northwest
Part 3
Appendix: Following the 99 Trail