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Let me show you our Links!

Motels, Signs and Maps:

Motel Americana A neon sign lover's delight.
California Highway Signs A hobbyiest shares his wonderful collection of California road signs.
The American Way Great stuff about road maps.
Gasoline Signs Incredible resource of gasoline logos from maps and signs.
Road Map Collector's Association
Fading Ads Ghost signs.

Other Links:

Lileks.Com Ecclectic collection includes ghost signs, motel postcards, matchbook covers. You won't want to leave!
Fruit Crate Label Art
Historic Packing Houses in Central and Northern California
Vintage ads
Center for Land Use Interpretation Chock full of odd but interesting articles, for example Immersed Remains: Towns Submerged in America. "A research organization interested in understanding the nature and extent of human interaction with the earth's surface". Wow.
Walt's Postcards Here's where to find 'em.

Highways, History, Roadside Culture:

A few of the best of the oodles of highway related sites.
Historic California U.S. Highways Good information about all California US Highways, from US6 to US395.
Historical Highways of Central and Southern California Includes a virtual tour of portions of US99, The Ridge Route, and US6.
US Highways from US 1 to US 830 Lots of detail, lists (such as all US highways adopted in 1926) and articles on myriad subjects
The Ridge Route "...that curvy little road that united California."
American Highway Project "Photographic documentation of America's vanishing roadside culture."
American Roads Finding and traveling America's historic Highways. Bygone Byways Nicely put together , great photos, well-researched links. C Blocks All about California's mysterious "C Blocks".
Highway History Collection of articles from Fed Hwy Administration.
Caltrans History Preservation Committee
Columbia River Highway A wealth of information about a most scenic and historic highway.
Seattle History Informative Washington state history site with lots of photos from the Museum of History and Industry.
Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum
Roadside Peek Everything even remotely roadie (motels, bowling alleys, car washes, gas pumps, googie, tiki).
Pavement history
Route 40 An historic cross-country route, one of the best!
Waymark Links Mostly WA. "The Language of Location" with a goal to give people the tools to discover unique and interesting locations on the planet.