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Mt. Shasta,
California's Mystic Mountain

In its third printing! Much-loved local author (the late) Emilie Frank explores the many legends and mysteries surrounding the tall and magnificent volcano, a mountain that dominates the far northern California skyline and enters into the collective psyche.

by Emilie A. Frank

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Table of Contents

1. The Mt. Shasta Mystique
2. The Lemurians
3. Dugja, Queen of the Lemurians
4. A Wonderous Strange Happening
5. Abraham Mansfield and the Plates of Time
6. Queen Etruceana
7. Lemurian Treasure Caverns Found on Mt. Shasta
8. Atlanteans in Mt. Shasta?
9. Nola Van Valer, Founder of the Radiant School
10. Widow Springs
11. Unveiled Mysteries
12. Sphinx Rock
13. The Baffling Castle Crags Petroglyphs
14. A Race of "Little Men" on Mt. Shasta
15. Mysterious Circles and Mounds, Pyramids and Domes
16. Acquainted with a Shasta Night
17. Angel Clouds Converge Over Mt. Shasta
18. Cosmic Lady Visits Mt. Shasta
19. UFO's, Fact or Fiction in the Realm of Mt. Shasta?
20. Was Mu the Cradle of Civilization?
21. There is a Mystique About This Mountain
22. Local Mystics, Spiritualists, Tibetan Lamas, Zen Buddhists
23. The Harmonic Convergence, Mt. Shasta-1987
24. Elizabeth Clare Prophet Visits Mt. Shasta
25. About Other Significant Books
26. Mt. Shasta, Geologically Speaking
27. The Kingdom of Shasta
What Readers Say

Emilie Frank gathered and wrote in a straightforward manner the best possible analysis of the various mystical legends about Mt. Shasta. A most readable reference work for those interested in this aspect of this spectacular mountain.
Or Apperson, Mt. Shasta Herald Newspaper

...destined to be a classic!
Overflowing with spiritual inspiration,legend,and lore from beautiful Mt. Shasta. Emilie has finally brought into print a much needed metaphysical map for seekers around the world about this enchanting and passionate vortex.Her extensive research and entertaining approach to writing will fill your senses...This book will bring you hours of literary joy!

Diana Chapman, Wings Bookstore