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Dragonfly Field Guide

and an Educational Coloring Book

Dragonflies of California
Kathy Biggs

Can't tell your Bluet from your Spreadwing from your Forktail? Did you even realize that there is such a variety of these colorful and fascinating little creatures out there? Kathy built her backyard pond before they became all the rage and the dragonflies she saw flitting around it sparked her imagination. This handy and meticulously researched little guide is the result.

A book well-received by other naturalists, especially birders, Kathy has been called a "pioneer in popular dragonfly identification". Common Dragonflys of California deserves a spot next to all of the other field guides in your collection.

  • Unique! First of its kind! A new hobby for the amateur naturalist.
  • In full, glorious color. 128 pages. $9.95.
  • Compact, fits right in your pocket (4.5" x 5.75").
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  • Here is the whole story of Kathy's pond and its flying visitors.


Dragonflies of North America,
A Color and Learn Book
Kathy Biggs Tim Manolis

The first and only dragonfly coloring guide for North America. Included are activities such as word puzzles and a finger puppet, so it is ideal for home schoolers, not to mention your children, grandchildren and your inner child! Coloring pages about life history and biology as well as numerous species.

Says Scott Black, Executive Director of the Xerces Society for Invertbrate Conservation, This informative and beautifully illustrated book provides an engaging tool to learn about dragonfly and damselfly biology, behavior and identification.